Qashier POS-sible

We have heard the stories of
over 5000 merchants across the region.
We understand your challenges.

Stories of transforming their passion into a livelihood.
Tireless. Driven. Focused.
This is your story.

This is Tasha's story.
Tasha represents the marchants we've met.
Watch her journey from home baker, to restauranteur.
By her side is Qashier.

Qashier has walked a similar journey, and we are committed to champion you.
Your growth, your business, and your dreams.

Allow us to peel back the layers and show you the team that has your back.
Let us show you who we are, and why we put your success first.

Whoever you choose to be. Wherever the stage you are at.
We get you where you need to be.

To begin the journey, choose your next step.


Receive online orders, accept payments, review transactions and more. Start strong with the essentials.

Food Stall/Kiosk

Inventory/ingredient management, POS accessories, integration with food delivery partners. Run a smooth operation.


QR menu ordering. Table management. Staff commissions. Strengthen customer relations. Grow with a full-fledged Qashier solution.