Qashier POS-sible


Operating a business from home allows you the freedom to set your own pace while keeping overheads low.

Your vision remains pure, and you can keep the high
standards of your product.

We have a solution that can help you keep thriving,
so you can concentrate on quality.

Your home-based business. POSsible with Qashier.

Qashier App

As you get your business off the ground, you need to keep costs down. Qashier App is our solution right on your own existing Android smartphone or tablet. It’s all you would ever need to start running your business from day one.
  • Save on hardware! Just bring your own device.
  • Easy-to-use! Sign up, go live and start receiving orders all by yourself.
  • Tools of the trade. Choose from a full-suite of apps and only pay for what you need.


From your kitchen to their doorstep, with your own QashierEats online ordering platform more people will be able to taste your creations. You’ll be able to receive, accept, manage orders right from home. Create promotions, offer deliveries, and self-pickups, all with zero commissions!
  • Get your own website and start receiving orders.
  • Receive pick-up and delivery orders.
  • Zero commission fees.

Delivery Integration

Bring your menu into more homes with Qashier’s official integration with Foodpanda and GrabFood! You only need one Qashier solution to manage both platforms’ food menus, and view all sales reports directly from QashierHQ.
  • Get rid of multiple devices and terminals.
  • Manage both accounts from one Qashier solution.


QashierPay makes accepting payments easy. Your home business accepts and manages a bevy of offline and online payments with the Qashier app, as well as credit cards with a QashierXS terminal.
  • Accept payment from QashierEats transactions, popular e-wallets, and online payments.
  • Customers can pay online with e-invoices sent from Qashier’s Invoice Management Enhancement.

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