Food Stall/Kiosk

Your business is going places, and you’ve answered the call. New environment, bigger kitchen, extra pair of hands.
You need to adapt fast to the change. It’s a good thing we got you covered with the right tools.

Payment Hub

Accept all payments with speed and security. Tap, slot, swipe, or scan. Let your customers pay with their preferred method.
  • Debit and credit cards.
  • PayWave and mobile payments.
  • QR code and e-wallet payments.


Know exactly what you have, and what you need to keep operations running smoothly! Automatically track inventory, be alerted when you’re running low, and always be ready to restock.
  • Inventory data automatically updates.
  • Set the threshold when to be alerted.
  • Manage front and back office with one system.


An incentivised employee will give their all to you and your business. Track their hours and reward their performance with an automatic commission feature.
  • Your staff Clock In or Clock Out with a simple tap of a Pin number.
  • View their time card history to see if they’ve been putting in good work.
  • Reward employees who help you grow by assigning them a commission tier.


From your stall to their doorstep, with your own QashierEats online ordering platform, more people will be able to taste your creations. You’ll be able to receive, accept, and manage orders right from your stall. Create promotions, offer deliveries, and self-pickups, all with zero commissions!
  • Get your own website and start receiving orders.
  • Receive pick-up and delivery orders.
  • Online-to-offline order integration with your POS.
  • Zero commission fees.


Bring your menu into more homes with Qashier’s official integration with FoodPanda and GrabFood! You only need one Qashier solution to manage both platforms’ food menus and view all sales reports directly from QashierHQ, your dashboard.
  • Get rid of multiple devices and terminals.
  • Manage both accounts from one Qashier solution.
  • Seamlessly fire orders to the kitchen and bar all from your Qashier terminal.


Catering for a large event? Issue e-invoices, and accept deposits and final payments in-person or online through a secure link. Accept and manage an array of offline and online payments, from cash to e-wallets and credit cards, your customers can pay in their preferred way. QashierPay makes accepting payments easier.
  • Accept payment from QashierEats transactions, popular e-wallets, and online payments.
  • Customers can pay online with e-invoices sent from Qashier’s Invoice Management Enhancement.


Do more with the right hardware! Scale your business with the right Qashier accessories.
  • Seamless integration with essential hardware: cash drawers, wireless receipt printers, and barcode scanners.

Choose your journey...