Bistro / Restaurant

The end goal is in sight. While others shy away from it, you revel in the challenge.
You move. You expand. You grow a restaurant empire. It’s POSsible with Qashier.


Run a smooth business with a clear overview of your operations. Manage your number of guests, add orders, apply discounts, print bills, or even void an entire table.
  • Assign walk-ins, call-ins or online reservations.
  • Manage the number of pax, and occupancy.
  • Add orders, apply discounts, print bills or void the entire table.


From the front end to the kitchen, and the bar. Wirelessly send orders from tableside to multiple printers and kitchen display systems (KDS) seamlessly.
  • Receive orders to your wireless kitchen printer at lightning fast speeds.
  • Keep track of all your orders on one Kitchen Display System (KDS).

QR Ordering

Streamline your operations and improve
customer experience. Your customers scan a QR
to view menus, and place orders. Depending on
your operations, you can allow self-checkouts,
or to hold the bill for larger orders.
Start receiving orders with your own online menu.
Redeploy or save cost on wait staff.
Orders are sent straight to the kitchen printer or QashierKDS (Kitchen Display System).

Customer Relations
and Promotions

Increase patronage and grow your loyal customer base. With the right data you can customise attractive promotions that keep them coming back for more.
  • Set up promotion bundles for set meals.
  • Reward store credits and loyalty points.
  • Customise a loyalty program.


Motivated employees will give their all to you and your business. Track their hours and reward their performance with an automatic commission feature.
  • Your staff clocks in or clocks out with a simple tap of a PIN number.
  • View their time card history to see if they’ve been putting in good work.
  • Reward employees who help you grow by assigning them a commission tier.


Bring your menu into more homes with Qashier’s official integration with Foodpanda and GrabFood! You only need one Qashier solution to manage both platforms’ food menus, and view all sales reports directly from QashierHQ.
  • Get rid of multiple devices and terminals.
  • Manage both accounts from one Qashier solution.

(Online + In-store)

From counter to tableside transactions, QashierPay makes accepting payments easy. Your bistro and full-service restaurant accepts and manages all payment methods including cash, e-wallets, and credit cards with a Qashier smart POS terminal.
  • Accept payment from QashierEats transactions, popular e-wallets, and online payments.
  • Receive online payment with e-invoices sent from Qashier’s Invoice Management Enhancement.
  • Elevate your customer experience by allowing customers to pay at the table.
  • QashierPay allows your business to collect payments via e-wallet on your own Android device, as well as credit cards with a QashierXS terminal.

App Store

From micro to multi-store, Qashier is perfect for all types of businesses at different stages. As it grows, so do your requirements. Enhance your Qashier operations with our growing list of add-ons. It’s the flexibility to enhance your business anywhere, anytime, right from the palm of your hand.
  • Xero, Shopify and WooCommerce integrations.
  • Commission Management to incentivise employees.
  • Product Combo Management for bundling menu items.
  • Customer Relationship Management to customise promotions and loyalty programs.
  • And many more…

Choose your journey...